About Sculpt Studio


Sculpt Boss, Mary Farber, brought the first Lagree Fitness Studio and Megaformer™ machine to Bethesda & the rest was history… Today, her retail expansion is inspired by her love for fitness. Versatile collections are designed to enhance your comfort throughout your mobility without having to compromise style. Living the lifestyle first; the Sculpt team can assure all brands have been tried, true, and tested to meet the epitome of quality activewear.

Mary and the rest of the Sculpt Studio team put the lifestyle before the brand. We're a small business fitness community with a "look good, feel good" mentality. Striving to be your healthiest and strongest self is our top priority. We are passionate about our workout and we are compassionate with our clients by coaching you through the exercises and therefore making you fitter than you’ve ever been.
Our Lagree Fitness Method is the only workout that is muscle shaking, sweat dripping intense, yet low impact. This results-based workout includes slow and controlled movements on the patent Megaformer Machine helps build lean muscle mass. The machine and the method go hand in hand. This spring based core intensive machine can be adjusted to most ability levels. 
You can learn more about Sculpt Studio's Lagree Fitness Method by visiting our fitness website: https://sculptstudio.com
We encourage you break-in your latest activewear apparel by joining us on the Megaformer!
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